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HOLD is a full-service creative marketing agency that strives to bring your idea into physical space through experiential production. By connecting you to the right venue, partners and audience, we craft specialized strategies and campaigns to collectively execute an event targeted to your purpose. 

Our mission is to hold space for both brands and individuals to fully express their unique identities and ideas. We are dedicated to creating meaningful experiences while bringing awareness and support to the important causes of our time.




Let’s get down to business! We’re digging into all the details. Together, we will prepare the design of your space, promotional materials, sponsorship deals, and event activations. From minimalist to extravagance, we are here to support and produce your vision -- we want to provide the perfect amount of support that you’ll need. 


We want to have a conversation about your vision and how we can bring it to life. We’ll discuss your perfect dates, venue, and what it is that you hope for your visitors to leave with - whether that’s your product, brand awareness, or a great experience at your event!


It’s time to see your ideas come to life! We’ll make sure every piece and person is in their place to seamlessly execute each event. From staffing to photo coverage, we have it coordinated so that you can be fully present and enjoy your project. With all the buzz your event just created, we’ll direct your visitors to stay connected and keep the energy pushing towards your next great idea.




The Hold Space team was founded by two New York-based women who share a deep love for art, cats and helping people find meaningful ways to share their ideas and stories. With their appreciation for art and backgrounds in various creative practices, co-founders Heaven Quiban and Elizabeth Kelly strive to hold space for creators, philanthropists, and brands alike.

Heaven is an event coordinator who has organized a plethora of programs across the country from self-curated art exhibitions, museum shows, and corporate events of 10,000+ attendees. She holds a BA in Communications with a minor in Writing from California State University, San Marcos. Throughout all her projects, Heaven strives to create meaningful experiences for the host and all who participate while contributing to the social good of surrounding communities.


“I believe the most important human need is deep, authentic connection with others and with ourselves. Through the channel of art and the experience of in-person events, we have opportunities to express our truths and bring people together. Holding space for creativity and honest conversation brings me joy and fulfills my purpose of making the world a better place.”

Elizabeth is a multidisciplinary designer specializing in impactful event and digital design work. Graduating from Florida State University with a BA in Studio Art (focus area in Text + Media) as well as a double minor in Communication and Psychology, her goal is to create designs and experiences aimed to inspire and engage.


“I aspire to use human and environmentally-centered design as a vehicle for social innovation. I’m driven by the idea that we are all capable of learning, innovating, and of empowering one another through sharing knowledge, empathy, and collaboration. I strongly believe that, with passion and imagination, we can focus our creativity towards changing the world for the better.“








New York, NY


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