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The differentiation between the psyche, the brain, and the body is purely academic. In reality, they are one.

Dr. med Ryke Geerd Hamer

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Germanische Heilkunde
Germanic Healing knowledge

Germanic Healing knowledge (GHk), formerly called Germanic New Medicine (GNM) was developed by Dr. med Ryke Geerd Hamer in the 1980s. 

GHk directly supports there being a reason or purpose for each design in nature. Every disease has a biological purpose and is an adaptive response to a particular life event, such as a traumatic experience or emotional conflict.

Each type of disease corresponds to a specific type of conflict and by understanding the nature of the conflict, one can determine the appropriate course of treatment. For example, according to GHk, issues with one's shoulder can be related to a self-devaluation conflict where someone doesn't feel like they are a good parent, child, or partner. Another example would be skin issues such as eczema - Through the lens of GHk, eczema is related to a separation conflict with the location of the rash indicating whether the separation is unwanted or wanted.


Each disease is associated with a specific conflict, and the symptoms of the disease are expressions of the body's biological adaptation process.

The healing process, according to GHk, follows a specific sequence of biological events that Dr. Hamer called the "Five Biological Laws." These laws describe how the body responds adaptively and how it heals itself.

"Many of us will at one time or another experience a conflict and get cancer, but that is a normal part of life, and not such a bad thing at all, once you understand the principles of the Five Biological Laws." - Dr. Hamer

GHk is the medicine of freedom. It is another reminder of the power we hold for ourselves. We are our best advocates and most dangerous adversaries. There are many things not in our control (like the shocks we experience) however we have degrees of choice(s) on how we move through. It can start with the questioning of what we've been told about medicine and health. Man can never know better than the laws of nature. Be still and Notice. Trust in what you need. 

A brief overview of how GHk was developed by Dr. Hamer.

I am currently enrolled in an 18+ month course with GHk Pilhar Academy. Upon completion, I will be a GHk Educational Consultant. I am eager to teach and support others in (re)-discovering self-empowerment and trusting the wisdom of their bodies and nature. 

Learn about how I came to journey down the magical path of GHk:

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