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Head Massage

biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST)

A gentle non-invasive, hands-on session for the whole body. Performed on a massage table, the client is fully clothed and the practitioner touch is light and still.


The session focus is to support the inherent health of the whole being, especially the nervous system. The nervous system dictates all of the body’s functioning, constantly sending and receiving information.

A Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist is trained for years on how to use acute perception skills to perceive subtle physiological changes. The focus and awareness are placed on the “always available health” in the body to assist the system in bringing itself back into balance. This supports greater ease and helps the body decrease symptoms.

What to expect in a session:


myofascial release

A safe and effective hands-on technique that involves applying sustained pressure into fascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

MFR goes beyond symptomatic relief and allows for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare. Fascial restrictions can exert tremendous tensile forces on neuro-muscular skeletal and other pain-sensitive structures which can create varying symptoms. 

Unlike traditional therapy where you either avoid or force your way through pain, MFR encourages 'therapeutic pain', creating what most clients report as a feeling of a good stretch.

The resistance felt within fascia is used by the therapist to guide and truly individualize the treatment, deepening the relaxation response.

Video illustrating/describing BCST

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